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Harmonic Energy Analysis And Consultants

Majorly we serve our services to cities like Ahmednagar, Pune, Mumbai, Aurangabad. Powercop certified as Class ‘A’ Energy Auditors by Maharashtra Energy Development Agency – MEDA, is a trusted provider of harmonic analysis and energy management solutions and services.
We are capable of trouble-shooting equipment failure and product quality issues due to Power Quality (PQ) & harmonic distortion of fundamental waveform.

In today’s Electrical Power Systems, the problem rises due to wide use of Non Linear Loads (NLL) those alter Sinusoidal Shape of sine wave causing Harmonic Generation in the Electrics Power System.

We also tackle the issues like conducting Harmonics Analysis and field Measurement is Capacitors drawing high current, bulging, flashing, blasting of Detune Filters capacitor reactor or switchgear. Capacitors themselves do not cause any harmonic problem but if significant Non Linear Loads are present in the power system it aggravate a potential harmonic problem.


Any combination of capacitance & inductance forms a Resonance Frequency circuit at which the capacitive & inductive reactance equals If significant harmonic energy is present either inside the plant or outside in the Grid and its frequency mms inductance, it will excite current into an oscillation resulting in very high Harmonics matches with that of the resonance frequency formed by the Power Factor (PF) correcting capacitor or Detune Filter and its Electrics Power System